Kimberley was featured March/April 2006

1. When did you start illustrating (for clients professionally?)

In 1996 I moved to Vancouver after I graduated from college. I immediately started working at a café and networked through the people I met there. It all began with illustrating chalkboard menus for cafés and markets around the area which then lead to doing illustrations here and there for local companies and eventually the President of an Advertising agency hired me to do freelance work on a regular basis.

2. Who are your biggest influences?

I am a fan of Anita Kunz, her work is gorgeous! As far as being influenced to really appreciate illustration I would have to say my biggest influences are two of my former college teachers, Joe Weissman and John Elphick. Joe really taught me to stretch my imagination. John taught me all about colour and design and his lessons made me strive to achieve good work.

3. What is your work process?

Most importantly I listen carefully to the client, ask questions and take notes. I then take all that was discussed and go brainstorm ideas and develop rough sketches by hand. The best ideas are refined and presented to the client (anywhere from one to three samples). When one is chosen I refine it further and go through a series of revisions until the client is satisfied with the final product. Every client is different so the process can change slightly depending on their needs.

4. What would you name as the biggest strength of your illustrations?

I love colour and people comment on my use of it.

5. Do you have any formal education in art?

I graduated from Sheridan College's Interpretive Illustration program, then a year later the Computer Graphics program, and later still Graphic Design. I try to keep up to date and take life drawing or painting workshops. I try to keep on top of computer graphics programs and learn at home whenever I can. Most recently I completed a watercolour painting workshop with the Burlington Art Centre.

6. Where do you see the future of illustration?

There is a lot of really great computer generated illustration out there and people are constantly coming up with new ways of using the computer for artistic expression, I think that will only continue to evolve and advance. Of course there are also fantastic traditional illustrators out there coming up with gorgeous work, the industry is growing, the possibilities expanding and I can't wait to see what comes next!

7. If you could offer one piece of advice to someone considering a career in illustration, what would it be?

There are many great schools to choose from, take some classes and get inspired. Don't second guess your abilities because you think the person next to you might be a "better" artist, be free to express yourself and create!

8. Last words?

Talking with other artists is always inspirational, keep in touch!





Kimberley Hiscocks
Phone: (905) 864-4370

Cartoon style illustrations in both digital and mixed media, spot illustrations and food illustrations.


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